South Island Gallery / Mountain Biking / 2007-09 Mt Oxford, Wharfedale, Ashley Gorge circuit  

We did the epic Wharfedale, Lees Valley, Ashley Gorge ride around Mt Oxford. Awesome singletrack, plenty of fords, hundreds of fallen trees to climb over. We'll be back when DoC clear the trees, and maybe staying in the hut halfway around would be a good idea.
 First ford on the Wharfedale track
 Miles of singletrack through the woods
 I'm not riding through that!
 Emerging into the Lees Valley
 Lees valley
 Townshend river
 Hil is getting good at fording rivers
 We still got wet feet though
 More hills, even though we're back on the road
 Looking back into the Lees valley from the Ashley Gorge road
 Road winding around the walls of the Ashley Gorge
 On top of the last hill of the day
 Tom looking out over the Canterbury plains
 Banks Peninsula in the background
 Llama farm! yum yum

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