Gallery / 02-07 Dad's holiday in NZ  

Our latest photos are in the South Island gallery
 Bouldering on the way to Ball Hut in Aoraki national park
 Descending from Ball Pass
 Annette Snow Plateau
 Jumping a Bergshrund on Mt Seally
 Low summit of Seally
 Castle Hill, Quantum Field
 Chossy peak in Nelson Lakes National Park
 Descending after giving up on horrible loose ridge
 Outside Coldwater Hut, lake Rotoroa
 Cloud lifting off Ruapehu
 Arriving at the first top of Ruapehu
 Hil and her Crater Lake at last!
 Tom and Pete
 Lake Tekapo
 The start of 2 weeks of sunshine in the Southern Alps
 Bouldering on the way up the Tasman glacier to Ball Hut
 IMG 0146
 Huge moraine wall on the right
 The Tasman glacier, not quite like any other I've seen!
 Looking up the glacier towards Mt Tasman
 The first Kea!!
 Well-educated Kea
 Ball Hut
 Looking down on the Tasman Glacier from Ball Pass
 The first of many flower photos
 Near the Ball Pass
 Aoraki (Mt Cook) appearing from the clouds
 Ball Pass itself
 Down at the Hooker glacier
 Aoraki and the Hooker glacier moraine
 Climbing to the Mueller Hut
 Mueller Hut
 IMG 0178
 Mt Olivier
 Mt Kitchener and Seally
 Sunrise on Mt Sefton
 The first sunrise I've ever sat around and watched
 Mt Kitchener, looking towards Mt Anette and Mt Seally (Low top)
 View towards the Barron Saddle
 Tom and Aoraki
 Dad and Mt Sefton
 Avalanche on Mt Sefton
 IMG 0196
 Mt Anette looking towards Seally
 IMG 0199
 IMG 0200
 Climbing at Castle Hill
 IMG 0202
 IMG 0204
 Climbing Beally, Arthur's Pass
 Near Beally
 IMG 0208
 IMG 0210
 IMG 0211
 IMG 0212
 IMG 0215
 IMG 0216
 Summit of Mt Beally, Arthur's Pass
 IMG 0219
 Avalanche Peak
 Pancake Rocks, Punakaiki
 Fox river caves
 Stalagtites in Fox River Cave
 Fox River, West Coast
 IMG 0233
 Mt Roberts summit, Nelson Lakes
 IMG 0235
 IMG 0236
 A vegetable sheep!
 Lake outside Angeles hut
 Lake Angelus and Angelus Hut
 Paynes Ford, Golden Bay
 All the routes were like this all the way!
 IMG 0247
 IMG 0249
 Takahe on Kapiti Island
 IMG 0254
 Weka on Kapiti Island
 IMG 0257
 Kaka, Kapiti Island
 IMG 0262
 Another Kereru
 Ruapehu crater lake
 IMG 0274
 IMG 0282
 IMG 0288
 IMG 0289
 IMG 0291
 Summit of Ruapehu (Tahurangi), highest point of the trip
 IMG 0293
 Descent from Tahurangi
 IMG 0296
 Maharahara, Ruahines

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