Gallery / 06-06 China  

Cycle-touring around Sichuan and Yunnan provinces in SW China

Our latest photos are in the South Island gallery
 Hong Kong in the clag
 Our first ride--Xiaguan to Dali on the muddiest road of the trip
 Arriving in Dali
 Dali city walls
 Whole small loaches in my soup!
 Temple above Dali
 The Cloudy Tourist Road -- 11km just like this
 Fried bread stuffed with plum jam
 Riding round (lake) Erhai Hu
 Wase on Erhai Hu
 Chilli at Wase Market
 Catching small bony fish and shrimps to dry and make soup with
 Green tea!
 Frogs, snails, giant mussels, buckets of fish in a cafe
 Fish-head soup
 Pannier repairs
 Some nice pagodas that have just been built (and a much smaller older one)
 Riding to Lijiang
 Lijiang Old Town
 Another deserted motorway (you can only see one lane)
 Yaks! and a fake waterfall
 Camping in the woods high above the Yangtze
 Jade Snow Dragon Mountain
 Ferry across the Yangtze (at Daju)
 Big descent and ascent to push bikes up
 Riding towards Tiger Leaping Gorge
 Tiger Leaping Gorge
 Tiger Leaping Gorge. It doesn't really go
 Tiger Leaping Gorge
 Cat and bird cage
 Tiger Leaping Gorge
 Tiger Leaping Gorge (high path)
 Tiger Leaping Gorge
 Tiger Leaping Gorge
 Trekking high above Tiger Leaping Gorge
 Our high point (3800m), 1700m ascent
 Tiger Leaping Gorge middle rapids don't really go either
 Riding away from Tiger Leaping Gorge
 Hil and mangy dog
 1000m ascent to Haba
 Bita Hua
 There wasn't a hotel so we stayed with the boat man
 The Bita Hua boat man
 and the horse man
 Trekking above Deqin
 Minya Kolka
 High point of the trip -- 4550m top near Deqin
 Wild camping again
 Sumptseling Gompa
 Horses in a seasonal lake
 Grain-drying racks near Zhongdian
 Near Zhongdian
 Hoge descent back to the Yangtze
 This doesn't really go either
 Fishing in Yangtze trib
 Shigu -- the first bend of the Yangtze apparently
 Chess back in Lijiang
 and back down the the Yangtze again
  Bee maggots for sale in Ninglang
 Locals (Yi) in local dress
 and academic dress
 Mosu family (there were no hotels again), Pork fat for tea again!
 Lugu Hua
 Fishing boat on Lugu Hua
 Tourist boats on Lugu Hua
 We failed to climb this hill the next day
 More menu-reading successes
 Street BBQ in Kanding
 Gonga Shan (7500m) again
 Gonga Shan (in the distance) from the hill above Kanding
 Incredibly steep river near Kanding
 Small children playing with firecrackers
 Another random house. Chilli lard potatoes for tea
 The family
 Riding up the Doda river
 Big landslide-rapids on a Doda trib
 Cold bean jelly, tagliatelli noodle soup, green tea and aubegine
 Hil gave up and packed her bike up to take on the bus
 Village near Kanding
 Siguniang Shan
 Siguniang Shan from Balang Shan La
 Balang Shan La
 Summit of Balangshanla -- 4487m on the map but only 4260m on the GPS
 Yak -- it was drizzling on the other side of the pass
 Panda Valley near Wolong, after a huge descent
 Pandas at the breeding centre at Woling
 Panda nursery
 Another pagoda in a monestary in Chengdu
 Mount Emei Shan -- three days of stone staircases
 A Monkey
 The biggest stone Buddah in the world (courtesy of the Taliban)
 Buddah at Leshan
 Tea house in Chengdu
 Hot Pot in Chengdu
 You get all sorts of fish (still flapping), meat and veg to cook in a pot of boiling chilli stock

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