Gallery source / 09-06 Palmerston North / 08-06 Moving to Palmy  

 All our possesions being packed into boxes (they haven't appeared here yet)
 Quality $120 bikes from K-Mart
 Our new house!
 The Square in Palmerston North
 The Square in Palmy
 Botanic gardens in Palmy
 Cool tree-ferns
 Hil and Manawatu river
 Braided gravel!
 Tramping in the Tararuas behind PN
 Our lovely new kitchen with lots of second hand whitewear
 Unfortunately we've taken up gardening and won't be available to paddle Sundays any more
 Orange, lemon, apple and fijoa trees in our garden
 Tararua mountains just behind town
 Manawatu river again
 Making Sichuan-style hotpot!
 Our quality car (1988 Ford Telstar -- still considered roadworthy over here!)

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