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I (Tom) went for a four-day tramp in the central Ruahines. I had four days of perfect weather and saw two groups of deer, a NZ falcon, Taranaki, heard Kiwi (might have been possums) and didn't see another person the whole time.

Day 1: Rangiwahia road-end to Triangle hut. Very different to last time we were here!

Day 2: From Triangle hut up the ridge to Te Hekenga. There was an overgrown path cut through the leatherwood on the ridgeline (fortunately). It's easy to get to Te Hekenga summit from here, but to get past it sidle along a deer track on the south side 80m below the summit. From here I tramped along Sawtooth (third time lucky!--we've tried to do it from Howlett's hut twice before and failed) then along to Tarn Biv (awesome bivvy, great view from the toilet!)

Day 3: From Tarn Biv I climbed back to Ohuinga then along to Iron Peg and Mangaweka (the highest point in the Ruahines at 1731m) before descending to Kelly Knight hut

Day 4: From Kelly Knight hut I climbed back up to Pourangaki and Maungamahue then descended down past Rangi hut, just as the cloud rolled in.

 View from the Whanauia range into the central Ruahines
 Triangle Hut
 Triangle hut in the frost the next morning
 Deer track emerging from the bush above Triangle Hut
 Ruapehu hiding behind the Ruahines
 Te Hekenga
 Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe
 Erosion on the side of Te Hekenga
 Cool rocks on the ridge up to Te Hekenga
 Sawtooth ridge
 Summit of Te Hekenga
 The summit eroding away
 Howlett's Hut!
 Tarn biv! A welcome sight
 Tarn biv--just enough space for 2 mattresses
 Tarn biv
 Sawtooth Ridge
 Spot Taranaki on the horizon
 Sawtooth and Te Hekenga from the North
 Ruapehu again, from the summit of Iron Peg
 Summit of Mangaweka, the highest point in the Ruahines
 Kelly Knight hut
 Someone was running around on the hut roof
 Volcanoes again

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