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There's a guide to the Mangawhero online.
 Raukawa Falls (unrun apparently)
 Hil and Raukawa falls
 Hil on the Ararawa Stream bashing down to the Mangawhero
 Hil on the Mangawhero
 Ararawa section of Mangawhero
 Hogsback clouds over Ruapehu--hoping for rain tonight
 The best hogsback clouds we've seen
 The day before...
 Upper Mangawhero
 Playwave on the Mangawhero
 Tom playwave
 The Makotuku stream joined and tripled the volume
 It had been raining all morning and our 5 cumec stream was soon a 50 cumec full-on flooded river
 Horizon line in the Mangawhero gorge
 The hardest drop (4+)
 From below--scariest thing I've ever soloed
 Mangawhero gorge--hope there's nothing unrunnable there!
 Mangawhero gorge
 The Ararawa stream--contrast with yesterday's photo! 3 waterfalls upstream+road access...

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