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Owen, Phil and Tom went out in the snow to paddle the Ohinepango and Waihohonu (silly central plateau ditches) and ran Moawhango Falls (easy 7-8m park'n'huck) on the way home. We wanted to run Huka but was running at 180 cumecs; I'll probably never get round to running it now.

To find Moawhango Falls follow the gravel Moawhango Valley road a few km north (upstream) from the bridge over a deep gorge on the Moawhango on the Taihape-River valley road (downstream of the other 3 Moawhango valley bridges). The falls are across a field below a whiteish cliff with poplar trees along the road and pine trees along the river. Some other falls (on a side stream) are signed further upstream--they are about 12m high without much water going over them. Apparently the rest of the river is grade 1-2.

 Driving up a stream bed towards the Ohinepango put-in
 Walk-in to the Ohinepango
 The Ohinepango. Rather like a Lake District ditch
 Owen on the Ohinepango
 Phil runs the slot above the portage on the Waihohonu (low water)
 He did a couple more ends before I pulled him out on a line
 Cool springs from the lava-flows along the bank
 Great paddling weather on the Desert Road
 This is the put-in for the Moawhango falls
 Owen runs the Moawhango falls (nice clean drop, about 8m)

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