author = {Tom Botterill and Thomas Lotz and Amer Kashif and Geoff Chase},
title = {Reconstructing 3D skin surface motion for the DIET breast cancer screening system},
journal = {IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging},
year = {2014},
volume = {PP},
abstract={Digital Image-based Elasto-Tomography (DIET) is a
prototype system for breast cancer screening. A breast is imaged
while being vibrated, and the observed surface motion is used to
infer the internal stiffness of the breast, hence identifying
tumours. This paper describes a computer vision system for
accurately measuring three-dimensional surface motion. A
model-based segmentation is used to identify the profile of the
breast in each image, and the 3D surface is reconstructed by
fitting a model to the profiles. The surface motion is measured
using a modern optical flow implementation customised to the
application, then trajectories of points on the 3D surface are
given by fusing the optical flow with the reconstructed surfaces.
On data from human trials, the system is shown to exceed the
performance of an earlier marker-based system at tracking skin
surface motion. We demonstrate that the system can detect a
10mm tumour in a silicone phantom breast..},