South Island Gallery / Tramping / 2007-10 Kelly Range, Arthur's Pass  

 Looking up the Otira towards Arthurs Pass--we're having perfect weather on the coast!
 Hil and Mt Alexandra
 Tom near Carrol Hut
 Hil and Mt Edelweiss
 Mt Edelweiss
 Bush-bashing down to Hunts Saddle
 More bush bashing
 Riverbed route
 Tame deer--won't last long around here
 Hil at Hunts Creek Hut
 Tom in Hunts Creek Hut
 Hunts Creek Hut
 Hunts Creek--5km at steady 120m per km--for sometime in the future when I've run everything else maybe
 Hunts creek--about 3 cumecs in the morning, more in the evening--doesn't need much more
 Tom and Kelly's creek--an easier project
 Whio on Kelly's Creek

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