South Island Gallery / Tramping / 2007-12 Mingha - Lake Mavis - Edwards  

 Tom on Dudley's Knob in the Mingha valley
 Mingha river inspection
 Kennedy's Falls
 Climbing up to Lake Mavis
 Hil in the cloud at Lake Mavis
 Tom at our campsite
 Hil eating noodles
 We woke up to bright sunshine
 Friendly Kea
 Hil climbing the ridge and Lake Mavis behind
 Descending into the Edwards valley
 Who forgot the ice axes
 Falling Mountain - see the huge landslide
 Bum shot
 Hil running down the snow
 Tom and the bluffs we just avoided
 Upper Edwards valley
 Hil is getting better at jumping streams
 Still trying to keep my feet dry
 Big waterfall in the Edwards Gorge
 Tom inspecting the waterfall

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