South Island Gallery / Whitewater / 2007-11 West Coast  

Styx and Kakapotahi

We followed the rain to the Coast but there wasn't really enough--about 15mm at the Styx--so we did the Styx and Kakapotahi, both at low flows. The Kakapotahi has a very sketchy sideways-seal-launch-off-a-huge-boulder portage.
 James walking in to the Styx
 Side trip on the Styx, only about 500m per km
 Decent rapids at last
 Me at the put-on for the Styx
 James picking his line
 James' boat after running the hardest section on its own--came off relatively easily once we'd got to the island
 Cool granite gorges at the start of the Upper Kakapotahi
 First drop on the Kakapotahi
 Whio on the Kahuterawa -- clearly better adapted to portaging than we are
 First drop on the Lower

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