Gallery source / 01-07 Indonesia  

Hil went to do fieldwork on Lahars in Indonesia
 P01 Hilary and Suzy and a temple
 P02 Merapi
 P03 Borobadur Temple
 P04 Borobadur
 P05 Buddha
 P06 Carvings
 P07 Rambutan Fruit
 P08 Trying Durian
 P09 Snakeskin Fruit
 P10 Houses buried by pyroclastic flow
 P11 Pyroclastic Flow Deposits
 P12 Hil and Merapi
 P13 Prambanan Temple
 P14 Rockfall on Merapi
 P15 Typical Street with motorbikes
 P16 Hil and a Lahar
 P17 Hil and Semeru Erupting
 P18 Scared Indonesian Children
 P19 Palm tree and Eruption
 P20 Watching a Lahar
 P21 Semeru again
 P22 Locals watching us
 P23 Paddy fields
 P24 Hil and Suzy on the way home
 P25 Posh hotel in Yogya

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