Gallery source / NZ Tramping / 04-07 Climbing Tongariro and Ngarahoe  

Martin, Mike, Hilary and Tom went to do a variation on the Tongariro crossing: we climbed Mt Tongariro, camped in central crater, then crossed Ngauruhoe and headed back by Tama lakes
 Hil and Tom somewhere on the Tongariro crossing
 Tom and Ngauruhoe
 Tom on the Tongariro crossing
 Awesome lava flows
 South Crater of Tongariro
 South crater again
 Hil on her way up Tongariro
 Blue lake
 Hil and Ngarahoe
 Red Crater and an Emerald Lake
 Mike and an Emerald Lake
 Tom and Emerald lake
 Emerald Lakes
 Red Crater and Ngaurahoe
 Tom's feet
 Martin and Mike and Fumeroles on the top of Ngauruhoe
 Hil and the crater on Ngauruhoe
 Hil and the crater again
 Tama lake and Ngauruhoe
 Martin and Mike and Tom
 Tama lake and Ruapehu
 About to be benighted
 Taranaki at dusk

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