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Our latest photos are in the South Island gallery
Our local hills are the Ruahines and Tararuas. They're a bit bigger than the Lakes and covered in bush.
  01-07 Tramping in Fiordland
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  01-07 Tramping to Howlett's Hut with Ed and Marion
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  04-07 Climbing Tongariro and Ngarahoe
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  04-07 Tramping to Waiopehu Hut in the Tararuas
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  05-07 Tramping in the Central Ruahines
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  05-07 Tramping with Rachel and Esther
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  06-07 Tramping to Mid-Pohangina Hut
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  06-07 Whio, Silvereye and Bush-bashing in the Ruahines
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  09-06 Manawatu Gorge path
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  09-06 Tramping in the Ruahines
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  10-06 Possum in the Ruahines (Coppermine Creek)
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  10-06 Tramping to Powell hut and Mitre Flats hut
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  11-06 Tramping to Howlett's Hut in the Ruahines
A 2-day tramp in the Eastern Ruahines along tussock ridges, through beech forest and rivers!
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  12-06 Tramping to Triangle Hut in the Ruahines
We went tramping to Triangle Hut in the Ruahines. It was supposed to be summer!
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