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 Only four-days worth of food
 Tom on the Keplar Track looking down on Te Anau
 Hil on the Keplar track
 Looking towards Mt Luxmore
 Lake Manapouri from the Kepler track
 Caving near Luxmore Hut
 Hil exploring a cave on Mt Luxmore
 Tom and Cloud inversion
 Hil and a cloud inversion -- looking into the Murchison Mountains from Luxmore hut
 Looking East of Luxmore hut
 Tom and Mt Luxmore
 Climbing up to the summit of Mt Luxmore
 Hil at the summit of Mt Luxmore
 Mt Luxmore summit and Lake Te Anau
 Kea being photogenic
 Us and the Jackson peaks
 Lake Manapouri from the Jackson peaks.jpg
 Southern Alps
 Tom on the highest Jackson Peak
 A waterfall up the Iris burn
 Hil and upper Iris Burn
 Crossing the Iris burn--the first river crossing of the trip
 Milford Sound
 Milford Sound
 More obligatory Milford Sound waterfall photos
 Seals in Milford Sound
 Milford Sound
 NZ Robin
 Tramping into the Earl mountains
 Earl Mountains track
 Approaching U-pass in the Earl mountains
 Hil after the steep scramble up to U-pass
 Tom on U-pass
 Descending the fault line towards Hut creek
 Fresh snow the next morning (and a broken tent pole)
 Fresh snow the next morning (and a broken tent pole)
 The easiest way through the tussock
 Waterfalls in the Gertrude valley
 It's 10.30am and we don't have a tent, umm
 Paddling accress Tent Flat
 View towards Sabre and Barrier Peak in the Darren Mountains
 Mt Revelation and Taiaroa peak
 Steeper than it looks!
 Steeper than it looks
 Gills Bivvy for New Years eve
 Lake Adelaide
 Amazing New Year's Eve views
 imgp1474 Hil with some decent pro (at last) climbing Giffords Crack. Well it is in the tramping guide, not the climbing guide!
 Top of Gifford Crack, looking down into Milford Sound
 Milford Sound from Adelaide saddle
 Barrier Knob summit
 Descending Barrier Knob
 Descending Barrier knob
 Gertrude saddle; views towards Milford Sound again
 Climbing up to the Homer saddle
 Climbing to the Homer Saddle
 Homer Saddle looking towards Mt Moir
 Looking down upper Hollyford valley
 Tom setting off along Homer traverse
 Lake Wakatipu, near Queenstown
 Lake Wakatipu
 Rock Burn
 First of many river crossings on the 5-pass route
 Camping on Theatre Flat
 Camping by Hidden Falls Creek
 Another 5 star bivvy--much needed in the torrential rain
 Crossing the Cow Saddle
 Climbing Fiery Col in the Olivine Wilderness area
 Fiery Col
 Descending Fiery Col to the Olivine Ledge
 Snow on Fohn Pass, the last of the 5 passes
 Camping by the Beans Burn
 Amazing waterfalls falling into the Beans Burn
 The Beans Burn (a bridge! -- back in civilization now)

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