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I am a hydrological scientist. For the last 9 years I worked at NIWA: the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, in Christchurch, New Zealand. I am now Associate Professor of Water Resources at San Diego State University, USA.

Hilary McMillan

Research Interests

My research interests include hydrological process studies, human impacts on hydrology, hydrological model structure, uncertainty estimation, flood prediction and risk assessment, climate change impacts on hydrology, water resource management.

I led the NZ-government funded 'Waterscape' project, a collaboration between NIWA, Aqualinc and GNS. The project aims to provide a scientific basis for the integrated understanding, modelling and management of surface water and groundwater in New Zealand. It includes development of new field instrument networks to measure evapo-transpiration, land surface recharge and surfacewater-groundwater interactions, and develops new quantitative models of vadose zone, catchment and groundwater processes. It works with end-users and stakeholders to develop water resource management tools.

I led NIWA's research into hydrological model development for operational flow and flood forecasting.

Internationally, I am currently Chair of the IAHS hydrological decade 2013-2022 with the theme `Panta Rhei: Change in Hydrology and Society'. The decade recognises the urgency of hydrological research to understand and predict the interactions of society and water, to support sustainable water resource use under changing climatic and environmental conditions.

Some current projects:


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Refereed Conference Proceedings

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Selected Posters

McMillan, H.K., Tetzlaff, D., Clark, M., Soulsby, C.
Evaluating hydrological model structure using tracer data within a multi-model framework
Presented at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 2011.

McMillan, H.K., Clark, M.P., Martinez, G., Goodrich, D., Srinivasan, M.S., Duncan, M., Woods, R., Western, A.
Diagnostics for Model Structure: Improving Hydrological Models using Data from Experimental Basins.
Presented at European Geophysical Union Conference, Vienna, 2009.

McMillan, H.K., Freer, J., Pappenberger, F., Krueger, T., Clark, M.P.
Impacts of Uncertain Flow Data on Rainfall-Runoff Model Calibration and Discharge Predictions in a Mobile-Bed River
Presented at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 2008.

McMillan, H.K., Clark, M.P., Ibbitt, R.P.
Calibration strategies for distributed hydrological models using qualitative knowledge of spatially variable process characteristics.

Presented at European Geophysical Union Conference, Vienna, 2008.

Freer, J.E., McMillan, H. K., McDonnell, J.J., Beven, K.J.
Constraining dynamic TOPMODEL responses for imprecise water table information using fuzzy rule based performance measures.
Presented at European Geophysical Union Conference, Nice, 2003.


PhD Thesis

Download my thesis here: 'End-to-End Flood Risk Assessment: A Model Cascade with Uncertainty Estimation'.